The founders: a complementary leadership


Frederic Viala’s determination and creative thinking, combined with his entrepreneurial experience and technological skills, is key to the Entofood project.

In addition, Franck Ducharne brings his expertise in invertebrates’ zootechny, project development and a large knowledge in aquaculture industry.

The combination of their strengths creates an ideal synergy for the success of Entofood.

Management team

Frederic Viala




Master’s degree in Engineering & Landscape Architecture H.E.P.I.A.  (Geneva - Switzerland)

Bachelor in Management I.A.E. (Lyon - France)


Professional achievements

During his career, Frederic has created several companies and has sharpened his leadership skills and proficiency in various fields: finance, computer science, logistics, technology and engineering. He created, developed, and managed companies in landscape architecture, design, property development, personal computer training, and high-tech fashion. He is in charge with Entofood’s strategy, he supervises engineering and, along with Ducharne, the R&D program.

Franck Ducharne

Chief Executive Officer



Master’s degree IEMVT Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine in Tropical Countries  (Maison-Alfort – France). Specialization in Sericulture (silk worm) and Aquaculture

Bachelor in biology (Marseille - France)


Professional achievements

During 16 years, Franck has worked in shrimp production in various countries (Guatemala, Madagascar and SE Asia Pacific) leading projects development, R&D and management, as well as expertise. Since 2010, he is leading the development and execution of Entofood  strategy and he is supervising the whole R&D program.

Tze Min, TEO

Chief R&D Officer



Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) in Zoology from University of Oxford (UK) – molecular genetics of mosquitoes

Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Genetics and Microbiology from Queen Mary, University of London (UK)


Professional achievements

Over 10 years of experience in entomology related R&D activities from agricultural and public health sectors. Min  also served as an advisor on the Genetic Modification Advisory Committee (GMAC) to the Malaysian Department of Biosafety on genetic modification activities and regulation policies. Started at Entofood in July 2021 as the Chief R&D Officer, she is coordinating Entofood R&D activities and providing technical support to the production site for Entofood’s partner company, Veolia Bioconversion Malaysia.

Anne Deguerry

Communication Director



Postgraduate diploma in European Law (Lyon - France)

Master’s degree in Commercial Law (Lyon - France)

Master’s degree in Management I.A.E. (Lyon - France)


Professional achievements

Anne has a strong experience as entrepreneur in various field of activity in marketing, art, and design development along with social and environmental impact volunteering.

In 2001, she also created and managed her own law firm in Madagascar.

She joined Entofood in 2014 to be in charge of Ethic, Marketing and Communication of the company.

She has been involved as a board member of the ASIAN FOOD & FEED INSECTS ASSOCIATION (AFFIA) from its onset in 2016 and was its President from 2017 to 2021.

Since Entofood developed its partnership, she focuses on communication and liaise with her Veolia's colleagues.

R&D team

Aini Makirim

R&D Manager - Trials


Aini has been working with Entofood for 9 years. She started as a biologist assisting on the R&D activities and supporting the BSF breeding department. With her extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of all stages of the BSF life-cycle, she is now coordinating all the trial implementation within Entofood R&D

Charles Rodde

R&D Manager - Nutrition


Charles hold a PhD in agricultural sciences (aquaculture) on selective breeding for feed efficiency in European sea bass and Nile tilapia. He has also been working on the use of Black Soldier Fly ingredients as a diet in aquaculture. He joined Entofood in May 2021, where he is developing and implementing research projects and providing technical support to Veolia  production site in the field of nutrition and zootechny at larval stage.

Sylwia Dziekan

Breeding Manager - Breeding


After a first experience in the field of insect production and research in Europe, she joined Entofood in November 2020.  Her work is dedicated to Black Soldier Fly breeding and zootechny. She develop and implement research projects but also provide technical support to the  production site for the breeding and eggs production.

Biology team


Entofood has trained a group of young biologists and nutritionists, graduated from Malaysian Universities. They form the core team for the development of breeding, genetic selection, nutrition, and zootechny programs and the corresponding trials to implement the constant improvement of BSF breeding, farming, and use.



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