Sustainable products

The use of insect in animal feed makes sense, as insects are part of the natural diet of many fishes, birds and livestock.


In a global context where consumers as well as producers are seeking for sustainability and alternative to fishmeal to protect the ocean resources, insect-based products for animal nutrition are the perfect match.

In addition, bioconversion of organic waste through Black Soldier Fly generates a fertilizer, 100% organic, rich and well balanced in Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (NPK) elements.

Animal nutrition


Entofood has conducted and continues to implement a wide rang of research and feed trials in different species (aquaculture and livestock) to ascertain and further investigate the performance and the premium quality of the insect-based products, its nutritional content, such as enzymes, chitin,  fatty acids and antimicrobial peptides.


Insect meal has an amino acids profile that enhance functional performance and contains nutrients boosting animal overall immunity.


Insect oil fatty acid profile is rich in lauric acid, which is improving animals' health and immune system. It provide a rapid energy boost and functional performance


The insect-based functional ingredients developed by our partner VEOLIA; EntomealTM and Entolipid are meant to be part in the feed application of Pet Food (cats, dogs reptile, ornamental fish), Aquaculture (Marine and freshwater fish, shrimp and other crustaceans), as well as Livestock (poultry and swine).

Plant nutrition


Another major challenge is the plant nutrition. In conventional farming, chemicals are over-used to make plants grow and, unfortunately, have a severe impact on environment and biodiversity. Insect frass is a high-value product used in organic farming is a green alternative adapted to the plant’s natural metabolism and which enable to boost their development in a sustainable way.

Veolia products


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