ENTOFOOD Defatted Meal

Vegetal-based feedstock / DF-VEG

Entofoof Defatted Meal (DF-VEG) is produced from a single farm-raised insect species.


The cultured species is Hermetia illucens, Diptera from the Stratiomyidae family. Insect biomass is processed immediately upon harvest to enable high quality meal with low level of biogenic amines.


The meal is obtained from the larvae harvested upon completion of their development.

Feedstock is 100% of vegetable origin and traceable.

Process 100% natural, no chemical added.

100% from larvae biomass, not mixed with any other source of protein (of plant nor animal source).


No antioxidant added (unless required by customer).


Defatting is done by mechanical process without solvent.

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